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Tealicious Peppa Mint

Tealicious Peppa Mint


Refill price: £4.60 /100g

  • Description

    A Caffeine free alternative to regular tea - 100% Peppermint leaves


    Peppermint has been drunk as an infusion for centuries and is considered

    a good digestive - drunk after meals, as a relaxant - to ease tension

    headaches and as a mouth freshener.


    Peppa Mint is made from the whole leaves and is not crushed or reduced

    to a powder to enable it to be packed in tea bags, so it retains its full



     Tasters say – minty!

     Looks – light green

     Region – Europe

     Brew - For best results, 3 mins (but you will work out what’s best

    for you) Never, ever add milk

  • Allergens

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