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Tealicious British Brew

Tealicious British Brew


Refill price: £4.60 /100g

  • Description

    British Brew - The good old fashioned cuppa


    Tealicious British Brew is a CTC manufactured tea from Kericho, Kenya.

    CTC is short for Crush, Tear, Curl, which is what happens to the tea leaf

    after it has passed through the cylindrical rollers with hundreds of small

    sharp teeth. The result is a granular appearance and easily distinguished

    from the wiry style orthodox teas.


     Tasters say – astringent, strong, bite, powerful.

     Looks – bright, sparkly, reddish

     Region – Kericho, Kenya. 6,000 -7,000 feet above sea level

     Brew - For best results, 4 to 5 mins (but you will work out what’s

    best for you) Best with milk but works fine without.

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