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Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cup

  • Description

    The biggest cup - Cup A - holds 29ml of blood. This is one of the largest cups that you will find on the market. The base of the cup tapers into a ‘V’ shape for easy removal. Despite being large enough to hold a lot of blood, the silicone is soft and the cup remains comfortable to use. This cup is ideal for people who experience much heavier bleeds, or perhaps those who have given birth vaginally.


    The  medium cup - Cup B - holds 20ml of blood. If you have had difficulty with other cups being too bulky for you, then our “Goldilocks Cup” could be ideal. This is a great cup to try if you are unsure where to start. It’s not too big and not too small.


    The smallest cup - Cup C - holds 14ml of blood. This has been designed for people who experience trouble inserting any product at this time of the month. Perhaps you have a low cervix and the idea of inserting anything fills you with dread. Our C cup is tiny – we challenge you to find a smaller cup out there! This is also a great cup for teenagers, as a starter cup to see how you get on.

  • Supplier packaging

If shopping in your own containers, then you only need to use these pages to see what we stock. Make on online purchase if you want your goods pre-packed for a quick collection or doorstep drop.
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