What's currently on board the TOPUP TRUCK


Due to the way our ingredients are handled, we cannot guarantee that there in no cross contamination. Serious allergy sufferers need to make their allergies known to staff when shopping with us. ALL PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS, GLUTEN AND MUSTARD.


We source all our products via Re:Store. This enables us to buy the biggest possible pack sizes by pooling volumes which helps to minimise packaging.  This is Re:Store's packaging policy (please note that some of the mentioned products may not currently be stocked on the TOPUP TRUCK):

Transparency is really important to us and we want to share with you how the products arrive to us from our wholesalers and producers. 

Paper sacks: Spelt Pasta, Wholefoods (lentils, beans, grains), Rice, Orzo, Oats, Muesli, Seeds, Tea, Flour, Bicarb, Herbs

Cardboard box: GF pasta

Cardboard box with plastic lining: Bran Flakes, Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Dried Fruit, Noodles, Coconut sugar, Coconut slices, Nutritional yeast, Granola, Chocolate

Plastic packaging: Fusilli, Penne, Spaghetti, Mango, Brazil nuts, Hazelnuts, Spices

Closed Loop (i.e. packaging refilled by supplier and never enters waste system): Household & cleaning products, oils, vinegar, personal care products, Coffee Beans