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Household Bundle

Household Bundle

  • Description

    We know cleaning isn't sexy, but who doesn't love a squeaky clean home? 


    This Household Bundle includes:

    500ml Washing Up Liquid in a Clear Glass Bottle w Pump

    500ml All Purpose Cleaner in a Clear Glass Bottle w Spray Trigger

    500ml Laundry Liquid in a Clear Glass Bottle w Screw Cap

    500ml Fab Con in a Clear Glass Bottle w Screw Cap

    250g Jar Citric Acid 

    Bundle value: £19.91



    The price shown on loose products before selecting variants is our price per 100ml/100g 


    Please note that we collect a deposit for the reusable containers which make your prices appear higher. Deposits are as follows:

    All bags: £1

    All jars, tins and bottles up to 500ml:  £2

    All bottles larger than 500ml: £3 


    Just return the container to us at your next delivery, and we will refund your deposit within two working days of receiving them back - simples :)

  • Allergens

  • Supplier packaging

If shopping in your own containers, then you only need to use these pages to see what we stock. Make on online purchase if you want your goods pre-packed for a quick collection or doorstep drop.
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