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Bicarbonate Of Soda

Bicarbonate Of Soda


Refill price: £0.41 /100g

  • Description

    Not as regarded as dangerous for organisms or environment.

    Guaranteed non-genetically modified (GMO free).

    Guaranteed without ionising radiation treatment.


    Sodium bicarbonate: 99.46%


    pH between 8 and 8,5

    Soluble in water

    Slightly alkalinetaste.

    Cleaning, abrasive, deodorising, alkaline and acid neutralising powers.

    Realtive density: 0.98


    Easy to apply and economical, can be used as scouring powder, desclaer, laundry/dish washing aid, oven cleaner, softener....


    Do not use to clean aliminium, silk and wool


    Keep away from humidity

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