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How long have you been running Plastic Free Hackney? Alongside Daisy Hutchison, PFH has been running for about 3 years now. Can you tell us about what Plastic Free Hackney is all about? In a nutshell, we are a small campaign group committed to creating a cleaner and greener community for everyone. We aim to educate on the issues of plastic pollution in a useful way such as by showing people the alternatives - through running workshops on how to make your own products or how to have plastic-free periods. What is the most shocking thing about the plastic problem? That the dangers are well known - from its inception to its disposal - its causes pollution at each and every step damaging the environment and causing catastrophic health issues and yet nothing is being done really and if anything, plastic producers are planning on increasing production whilst governments do nothing to curb their behaviour. Do you like to hoard things that you don't want to throw away in case you find a use for them? If so what? Ha! Yes! Mainly packaging material like bubble wrap and jiffy bags (which do come in handy if I declutter and sell bits on ebay). I do seem to have a lot of empty cereal packets at the moment which Im not sure what Im going to do with... Haha - We hear you! Is there anything you see people doing with good intentions which is in fact bad for the environment? Swapping single use plastics for another single use item - we need to stop throwing things to the mythical land of 'Away' and start using reusables instead. What is the hardest plastic to give up? cereal! Also yoghurt and im slightly addicted to crisps but try not to buy them. Which local businesses, organisations or services aimed at reducing plastic would you recommend in East and North London? There are so many great bulk options in Hackney we're spoiled for choice. I've got to say if you want to reduce plastic the easiest way to do that is to stop shopping! I also find a lot of plastic-free alternatives you can buy are things you probably already own, I really want to convey that going plastic-free shouldn't mean having to buy anything. Who is your plastic free hero? Daniel Webb from Everyday Plastic and Ella Daish who campaigns to end period plastic are two of my heroes - they have achieved so much with really simple yet effective campaigns.

What books or films would you recommend to anyone wanting to find motivation to lead this lifestyle? - The Story of Plastic is a pretty eye opening film to whats going on. Silent Spring written by Rachel Carson in the 1960's is not plastic focussed but utterly shocking that in the 60 years since she wrote it we have carried on with our destruction of the natural world. This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein is also a must read, Feral by George Monbiot...

Thanks Bettina - we will get reading!


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