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As a female-owned business, we like to showcase other amazing female-owned businesses. There are so many amazing eco businesses with female founders at the minute which is VERY exciting. Wish we could have them ALL on the float. We caught up very briefly with Geethika who runs Sintra Naturals who's products are INCREDIBLE and who's story is one of creativity and determination....

What inspired me to start Sintra Naturals?

Growing up back in india we always used DIY recipes for our skin care and hair care and I away always intrigued by how good the results were...I slowly started experimenting from a young age and all my family and friends would come to me for products and would ask recommendations for their skin types and I used to love formulating. After moving to the UK 15 years ago, I had to stop my full-time job due to my son's disability and formulating and making skin care saved me from mental health problems many times. Parenting a disabled child can be challenging, especially when you have no family around. So I started Sintra Naturals 1 year ago and I have loved every bit of my journey.

What is the main ethos behind your business?

I wanted my company to be plastic-free and I worked very hard to package my products Accordingly. Zero waste and circular economy is the dream future for me and I see companies like TOPUP TRUCK to be the sustainable future we should all work towards.

How did you come to approach TOPUP TRUCK about stocking the products?

I have followed Ella through her journey over social media and I like every aspect of TOPUP TRUCK right from the repurposing a milk float to her crowd funding campaign...way to go Ella....future is definitely bright and big for you!

Tell us more about your products?

All my products are made from clean and cruelty-free ingredients, hand made by me in Congleton. I source all my ingredients locally in the UK and we don't use any fragrances, sulphates or toxins. All ingredients are natural or naturally-derived. We are lucky enough to be Short listed for many awards recently with great reviews from our awesome customers. Clean, honest and affordable is our promise .

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