Maximum Festive Fun, Minimal Waste

Brown paper packages, tied up with strings… So great they made a song about it. Inspired by Ms Andrews' dulcet tones, here are a few ways to reduce waste this festive season

  • Skip the heavily inked or foil wrapping paper and use plain brown recyclable stuff tied with reusable string or ribbon (instead of sticky tape). You can even use the brown paper packing materials you sometimes get in online deliveries as your wrapping paper.

  • Use last year’s greetings cards to make gift tags – just cut out a bit that looks nice, write on the back and tuck it under your ribbon…

  • Bake your own mince pies and skip the cardboard box, plastic trays and foil casings. Fun to do and a good activity for kids to get involved with.

  • Use Christmas tree offcuts as a decoration instead of getting a whole tree. Or forage for ivy, holly and mistletoe…

  • Make paper decorations instead of buying plastic tinsel and baubles. But don’t chuck out old tinsel just because it’s plastic – if you already have it, enjoy it and use it.