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Interview with Anastasia's Pantry

We caught up with Anastasia - another fab female founder- to find out a little bit more about the woman behind our delicious new vegan granola....

Why did you start the business?

I started Anastasia's Pantry because I myself was extremely overweight and hated the fact that to be healthy it meant i had to read the back of every label. Thats why my granola has only natural honest ingredients and is much healtheir than equivalent products.

How is it going?

I have had an overwhelmingly positive response by people who have now found a vegan granola, a granola that doesnt contain lots of fat and sugars from a business who is environmentally conscious.

What made you approach TOPUP TRUCK about stocking the products?

A few weeks into the business I realised that I needed to implement my own zero waste habits into my business to make an impact on this world. TOPUP TRUCK was doing just that and more, so I really wanted to be a part of Ella's journey and help her make plastic free shopping easier :)

What makes it special?

The granola flavours are unique and very different from other combos that you see out in the market, each batch is handmade with love and care. It is a delicious granola for those who are vegan, eat a gluten free diet, are looking to eat more healthily or just want something delicious to start the day with!

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