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  • How do I join an existing booking?
    On our ‘BOOK OR FIND THE FLOAT’ page you can see our FIND THE FLOAT section. In there we have an updated schedule of the locations we will visit in the coming days. Clicking on a booking from the BOOK OR FIND THE FLOAT page will allow you to copy it to Google Calendar to remind you that we are coming.
  • When does the TOPUP TRUCK come to my area?
    The FIND THE FLOAT section has all the schedule information you need in regards to existing bookings.
  • How do I contact the TOPUP TRUCK when it is running late?
    We will contact you - you can try to email or send us a message on insta but due to the incredibly hectic nature of what we are doing (driving, scooping, adding up etc) we cannot always respond so please be patient with us 😊
  • What if I miss the float visit?
    Email to handle any missed bookings or rescheduling. We are often able to fit missed orders into routes later in the same week or the next week.
  • How do I request new products?
    Email to make new product suggestions. We always welcome suggestions on board, our most important critics are our customers.
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